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Improving Arabic language Teaching Method in Foreign Bi-Lingual Schools
A Pilot Project

Gulf Montessori was retained as a consultant by a bi-lingual school in Kuwait to design and deliver an orientation and training programme for the Arabic Teaching Staff at the school. 
The programme was designed to introduce Arabic language teachers to contemporary teaching methods and how they are used in the delivery of the English curriculum, to apply in their approach to Arabic language teaching. 
The program comprised lectures, workshops and interactive discussions about the new approach, some involving the Ministry of Education Inspectors, to ensure compliance with the Ministry’s curriculum and the Inspectors' understanding and support. Some of the School’s English Staff paticipated in other discussions to enhance cooperation and integration of the Arabic lessons within the English programme.
Our Principal Hala B. Roumani was involved with teaching Arabic in bilingual schools for over ten years, assisting in the development of the Arabic curriculum at the King Fahad Academy in London and handling Arabic at its nursery,  then as a teacher of Arabic at the junior school of the New English School of Kuwait, where she had a good opportunity to discuss the curriculum with the Ministry’s inspectors and to formulate a good understanding of what can be done to improve teaching methods.
to make the subject more interesting and likeable to the students , leading to improved performance, hence less complaints from students and parents.

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