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Supporting Early Childhood Care and Education
in Syria

Gulf Montessori started the second programme of Montessori Early Childhood Foundation and Diploma Courses, in cooperation with the Drop of Milk Society in Syria.

The first programme started in June 2007 with the Montessori Foundation Certificate Course of Montessori Centre International (MCI), and the first group of 20 child carer graduated in January 2008, 12 of them are continuing their Diploma Course alongside 12 new trainees doing the Foundation Course. The trainees are from 6 different charitable organizations mostly working with special needs children.

The donation was offered and administered by Hala Babili Roumani, Principal and Academic Advisor of Gulf Montessori, who personally contributed all the costs of training, including apparatus, travel and accommodation, in addition to course administration, lecturing and examinations. Montessori Centre International thankfully supported this contribution through waiving their fees for the Montessori Foundation Certificate Course.

Senior Montessori Trainers (MCI) Nudar Mustapha of Gulf Montessori Nursery in Kuwait, and Rania Serhan of Gulf Montessori Institute in Dubai, made valuable contributions through donating their time and efforts to travel to Damascus and conduct lectures, tutorials and examinations.

Faika Khayat El Azem, Head of the Drop of Milk Society, offered valuable assistance in organizing the training location at the Society's Headquarters in Damascus, and ensured smooth running of the course. The Course was licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and highly acclaimed in the media and the Syrian society.


The Drop of Milk Society, founded in 1922, is one of the oldest charities in Damascus, Syria. It has been renowned for its diligent services in providing milk, free treatment and medication for needy children, as well as financial aid for children who have to undergo surgeries.

In 1997, the Society established an early intervention centre for children with special needs. The centre offers speech therapy to children with speech and hearing problems, as well as children with mental development and emotional disabilities, and provides counselling sessions with parents.

The contribution will make a great impact on developing the quality of service offered by the Drop of Milk and the other Charities to children in Syria.

The Drop of Milk Society is now aiming to set up a Montessori Nursery School in Damascus to cater for needy children supported by the Society and other fee paying children. The Society is raising funds for this important project, and would welcome any contribution toward this objective.

Gulf Montessori will be pleased to facilitate contact with the Society for this purpose or for any other contributions. Please use our Mail Form to contact us, or call the Nurseries or the Training Centre in Kuwait and Dubai.


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