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Sharing is Caring
Earthquake Children Appeal

During the Month of Ramadan, we talk to our children about sharing and caring, to encourage them to feel with other less fortunate children around the world.

This year's massive South Asia earthquake of 8 October 2005 killed tens of thousands and damaged or destroyed homes, schools, medical centres and mosques. It caused severe injuries to thousands of people, including children who make up half the population of the affected areas.

We would like to ask our children to make a donation, no matter how small, to the children of the affected area, who are particularly vulnerable and in desperate need of support and medical treatment.

If you support our efforts, please help your child make his/her donation to the collection box at the nursery, which will be available till the end of November.

The collected amounts will be donated to UNICEF who is leading the international response in the areas of child protection, immunization and medical care, provision of water and sanitation, education and communication.

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