A carefully prepared method of working with children within an orderly prepared environment that allows them to have as much freedom as possible to choose what they want to do to satisfy their own interests and learn at their own pace, guided and supervised by qualified Montessori directresses.

The method was developed by the scientist, Maria Montessori, the first woman doctor in Italy who established the first nursery school to apply her method ‘Casa dei Bambini’. Her main principle is love and respect for children. Who, in turn, will love and respect each other and their environment.

Dr Maria Montessori’s approach to education was to observe children carefully to discover their individual needs. She was a great innovator, always aware that education needs to change as society changes. She believed that teachers could be trained to make children confident and capable self-educators, prepared and equipped for the future.

The Montessori approach places emphasis on educating the whole child, covering all aspects of development – intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual. Building upon children’s intrinsic desire to learn, Montessori created ideal environments full of opportunities for children to experiment and initiate their own education