Foundation Certificate and International Diploma Scholarships
for Displaced Syrian Women in Lebanon

In 2014, Gulf Montessori offered scholarships to train 50 displaced Syrian women in Lebanon to obtain the Early Childhood Practice Foundation Certificate (MCI UK). The certificate will significantly increase their chances to work in nurseries, or care for children in the refugee camps.

In 2015, Gulf Montessori extended the program to 35 of the graduates to obtain the International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy.

The scholarships are sponsored by personal donations and volunteer work by Gulf Montessori Principal and Trainers, to cover all the costs of training, including apparatus, training materials, and course administration, with a grant from Montessori Centre International (MCI, UK) and Montessori St Nicholas charity (UK) to cover all the fees associated with registration with MCI, examinations and certificates.

Gulf Montessori offered 30 of the scholarships to girls nominated by Jusoor, and conducted the training at Ajialouna’s premises in Beirut to support their women empowerment initiative.