Dear Parents

Gulf Montessori takes great pride in applying its special child-centered approach where the main principle is love and respect for the children. We emphasise educating the whole child, covering all aspects of development: intellectual, social, physical and emotional. Building upon children's intrinsic desire to learn, our Nursery creates the ideal environment full of opportunities for children to experiment and initiate their own education. The children are granted the freedom to learn at their own pace while being guided and supervised by UK qualified Montessori teachers. Having built a solid foundation at Gulf Montessori, our students have gone on to achieve great success in their academic careers.

Gulf Montessori, accredited in the UK, was established in Dubai in 2000 as part of the broader Gulf Montessori Group which includes the Gulf Montessori Institute in Dubai which since 1995 has provided training to educators to become UK accredited Montessori teachers and to parents on all aspects of child development as well as a Gulf Montessori nursery in Kuwait. We have included on this site a special section in Early Education full of resources for parents and educators. We find that this focus on training, particularly for our staff, and the maintenance of a low student / teacher ratio truly differentiates Gulf Montessori and translates to the best experience and results for your children.

From the moment your child joins us at Gulf Montessori, the nursery is geared toward gentle preparation for the next step. We have a very gentle settling in policy, where there is no pressure put on the children. From the very start, all we focus on is that the children are happy and feel settled in their new environment. The children are then encouraged to experiment and take a very hands on approach to their environment, all the while building critical skills in literacy, numeracy, creativity, independence and confidence.

We continually advocate a parent-school partnership. Your visits to the school and your attendance at our parents evenings and other events are a highly valuable to find out more about your child’s progress and our teaching methods.

Gulf Montessori is the first step to your children’s educational careers and it is critical that it is the right step. Children leave Gulf Montessori confident, capable and in control of their world-- with an enthusiasm for education and a thirst for knowledge. There is no better start to your child’s educational life than Gulf Montessori.

For parents wishing to enrol their children or learn more, we have provided a section about Admission procedures and a Registration Form.

Hala B. Roumani
Principal/Academic Advisor

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