Welcome to Gulf Montessori Institute

For over 20 years, Gulf Montessori has been the premier centre for early childhood development and early education training. Over 2000 teachers, parents and early years educators have benefitted from courses, workshops and seminars offered by Gulf Montessori.

Gulf Montessori delivers a variety of courses aimed at Early year educators and parents as follows:
  • Early Years Educator courses: our offerings include both full-time Montessori certificate courses as well as continuing Professional development training courses:
    • Montessori qualifications: full-time courses which result in Montessori Qualifications issued by the Gulf Montessori Institute, authorized by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of the UAE
    • Professional Development : Child Care Professionals Courses, critical for working in UAE nurseries which cover all levels, from Early Childhood Teacher Training, Child Care Nurses (Level I) to Child Managers (Level IV)

  • Early Childhood Development Workshops for Mothers: We owe it to our children to understand how they grow, how they build and develop their personalities, and how they explore and learn from the world around them so that we can better guide and support them through their developmental milestones. In our specially designed workshop for mothers and expecting mothers, we cover all of these critical topics and more. This is also a wonderful opportunity to meet others Dubai mums with similar age children. For more information click here, or contact us via email at

Gulf Montessori also works as an Early Education Consultant to schools, parents and public authorities covering all areas of early childhood education. Several nurseries and primary schools in Kuwait and Dubai, including the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and the Dubai Women Establishment, among many others, have commissioned Gulf Montessori to design and deliver nursery environments, customized On-the-Job Training courses and workshops to improve their educational standards.

All our courses are delivered by our full-time, UK qualified staff supported by visiting experts in all fields of early education, both in English and Arabic languages.

For Registration and Inquiries, please contact us or simply send us a message on the Mail form on this site.

Hala B. Roumani
Principal/Academic Advisor

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